Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Adds Resale Insights to Real-time Homebuilder Data Solution at NAHB IBS 2024

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Adds Resale Insights to Real-time Homebuilder Data Solution at NAHB IBS 2024

BuilderMetrix™ sources data from live builder ERP systems and real estate data integrations, fueling smarter decision-making through accurate and timely analytics.

Las Vegas, NV – February 27, 2024Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, a leading provider of homebuilding software solutions, announced today at the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show that its BuilderMetrix™ platform now provides access to home resale insights. With this new capability, builders will be equipped to make better business decision-making.

The real estate listing home resale data now combines with analytics on new home sales, job costs, community lot details, construction milestones, and operational sales, making BuilderMetrix™ the only solution available for homebuilders to gain accurate, near real-time financial and operational data. BuilderMetrix™ offers data sourced anonymously from builder ERP systems and through real estate listing data integrations.

“BuilderMetrix™ is a game-changing decision-support tool,” said Ty Brewer, Chief Digital Officer at HistoryMaker Homes. “We can benchmark our costs to other regional homebuilders in real-time and are confident that the data is 100% accurate.”

Previously known as the Homebuilder Common Data Model, BuilderMetrix™ boasts data coverage spanning more than 80% of North America and includes a mix of single-family homes, multi-family, and high rise. It leverages a standardized set of industry metrics to offer timely, valuable insights about business performance and regional homebuilding markets. Users can view regionalized reports including benchmarks of multiple job costs categories like electrical, HVAC, and flooring, as well as sales insights for both new home benchmarks like new home sales prices and square footage, and real estate listing resale data such as inventory, list price drift, days on market, closings, and close price.

“There’s a significant gap in the industry for homebuilder data that executives can rely on to improve their day-to-day decision-making,” said Paolo Benzan, VP of Data Services at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is uniquely positioned as a data provider due to our breadth of coverage across the homebuilding industry. Our access to real-time, anonymized, and aggregated homebuilder data allows BuilderMetrix™ to be a truly one-of-a-kind homebuilder data platform in terms of content, accuracy, and timeliness. It is full of information leaders can rely on with confidence.”

Technology experts from Constellation HomeBuilder Systems are attending the Builders’ Show and will discuss topics of importance to a successful homebuilding operation, such as providing exceptional customer experience, leveraging real time data to improve operations, seamless cost tracking, and the latest homebuilding technological innovations.

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems will be giving live presentations and demonstrations of their full product suite in Booth W3655. Builders can schedule a private demo or email to learn more.

Build Smarter Conference for Homebuilders

6 Reasons to Attend the Build Smarter 2023 Conference

With the complete launch of the Build Smarter 2023 Conference webpage and registration, the countdown is officially on to one of homebuilding’s most exciting annual events! For Constellation HomeBuilder Systems customers, Build Smarter is a truly impactful experience, and this year’s conference is one you won’t want to miss.

If you’ve attended Build Smarter before, you probably don’t need us to tell you why it’s so beneficial to come back this year. For those who haven’t joined us before – this blog post is for you! Take a look at these six genuine reasons you should attend the Build Smarter 2023 Conference this November.

Here’s what you need to know about Build Smarter 2023:

Who it’s for:

Constellation Homebuilder Systems customers


November 13-15, 2023


Huntington Beach, California


Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa

Reason 1

Exclusive product demos and sneak peaks

The Build Smarter Conference includes several product demonstrations that can open your eyes to bigger possibilities and better ways to manage your homebuilding business. Discover new integrations that work with NEWSTAR, BuildTopia, and FAST, as well as other exciting tools that are helping move the industry forward. These include new integrations to improve warranty processes through BuilderGo Warranty, trade management (TradeTopia), and conduct new home sales (SalesXpress), plus a whole lot more!

Plus, Build Smarter gives you exclusive chances to see next generation homebuilding software before it’s widely available. Not only will you be inspired by the technology of tomorrow, but you’ll be able to think towards the future and ensure you’re continually developing a modern homebuilding operation.

Reason 2

Hands-on product training and support

Looking ahead is exciting, but some of the great value customers get out of Build Smarter is the opportunity to work with product experts and improve your software skills.

Build Smarter’s TechLab sessions are always popular, and for good reason. TechLab offers Build Smarter attendees the chance to sit down one-on-one with a Constellation product guru. You can get in-depth training on your software, gain new practical tips and best practices, or take the chance to get answers to all of your questions.

It’s your session – spend the time as you wish! We guarantee you’ll become more confident and capable with your Constellation software, while bringing new skills and insights back to your team.

Reason 3

The latest industry data and trends

What happens when you get an incredible collection of homebuilding industry leaders together? There is a ton of homebuilding expertise to learn! Couple that with a roster of speakers and keynotes and everyone who attends Build Smarter is sure to leave with some great new knowledge.

Build Smarter’s TechLab sessions are always popular, and for good reason. TechLab offers Build Smarter attendees the chance to sit down one-on-one with a Constellation product guru. You can get in-depth training on your software, gain new practical tips and best practices, or take the chance to get answers to all of your questions.

It’s your session – spend the time as you wish! We guarantee you’ll become more confident and capable with your Constellation software, while bringing new skills and insights back to your team.

Build Smarter Conference for Homebuilders
Reason 4

Practical, powerful networking opportunities

What else happens when you bring together North America’s brightest builders? You get amazing networking opportunities.

Networking is a popular part of every conference, but the Build Smarter Conference makes it much more practical than simply expanding your network. You’ll get to talk to fellow homebuilding industry experts facing similar challenges daily and using similar tools to overcome them.

Not only will you make great new connections, but you’ll get to ask questions, brainstorm, and problem solve together. These powerful networking opportunities are just another one of the ways you’ll be able to build smarter after you attend this year’s conference.

Reason 5

Get license and professional service credits

Speaking of practical benefits, here’s one to take note of. The amount of your registration fees for Build Smarter 2023 can be applied for future value to your business!

Here’s how it works.

Option one:
Every dollar spent on Build Smarter registration can be applied to licenses of new Constellation HomeBuilder Systems software purchased.

Option two:
50% of every dollar spent on Build Smarter registration can be applied towards Professional Services engagements.

Both credit options can be used until January 31, 2024, meaning that you can immediately put it towards a great new opportunity you learned about at Build Smarter 2023 – or towards a new initiative you’ve always planned on undertaking.

Reason 6

An unforgettable experience in Huntington Beach

We’ve talked a lot about the professional and business value you’ll get out of Build Smarter 2023. But how can we forget the personal benefit of spending your time in beautiful Huntington Beach, California!

Whether you’ll be escaping increasingly cold weather or just looking to get closer to the waves, Huntington Beach makes for a wonderful getaway.

Between your stay at the relaxing Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa, the delicious meals, entertainment and night fun, your sure to enjoy your time at and around Build Smarter 2023!

Need more reasons to attend Build Smarter 2023?

Get all of the details about the Build Smarter 2023 agenda, frequently asked questions, and more at the revamped conference website.

We sincerely hope you’ll be able to join us and encourage you to register now before space fills up!

Constellation Showcases Opportunities for the Evolving Homebuilder at IBS 2023

Constellation Showcases Opportunities for the Evolving Homebuilder at IBS 2023

Join Constellation HomeBuilder Systems technology leaders as they answer your operational questions and give expert advice on navigating challenges and opportunities at this critical time.

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of homebuilding software solutions and services will join the 2023 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS), taking place January 31- February 2 in Las Vegas. Constellation’s booth – #W1832 – will feature live strategic technology sessions on the latest applications, software, and tools homebuilders can use to remain competitive in an evolving market.

The Constellation technology experts will discuss topics that are critical to a successful homebuilding operation, such as providing exceptional customer experience, calming customer anxieties when buying in an uncertain market, leveraging real time data to improve operations, cost tracking, and the latest homebuilding technological innovations.

John McManus, Founder of the Builder’s Daily, will share his expertise Tuesday & Wednesday at 11:00am at the Constellation booth (#W1832). On Tuesday, January 31st, he’ll help present data-driven advice for the 2023 selling season. On Wednesday, February 1st, join John McManus for a deep dive on data-empowered purchasing.

Chris Graham, President of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems can’t wait to be back in Las Vegas for IBS 2023, saying: “With a long tradition of supporting builders and the industry, we are eager to discuss our latest innovations to help builders compete, delight their homebuyers, effectively work with their trade partners, and improve their business collaboration. Now is a great time for builders to plan for the future, and we can help!”

Highlighting the digital experience for builders and buyers, Constellation will showcase a range of new solutions and features. Tech experts will show builders how to streamline their listing and sales process with products like the New Home Listing Service Distribution Engine, which optimizes new home marketing by distributing accurate listings across the web, including websites like and Kijiji. Builders can also get a close look at SalesXpress, the modern platform that digitizes the new home sales and design process online and offline. NEWSTAR and BuildTopia, Constellation’s complete construction ERP software systems, will also be on display so that builders can explore their powerful functionality and deep ecosystems.

Industry experts will showcase the importance of data collection and analysis with the Homebuilder Common Data Model, which leverages a standardized set of industry metrics to offer you timely, valuable insights about your business performance and regional homebuilding market. In addition, customer experience experts will be on hand to show builders how to enhance their client relationships with Homeowner central, allowing builders to reduce warranty costs by engaging and communicating with their customers.

Learn more about what Constellation has in store for IBS 2023 and book time for a private consultation here.

Man using Construction Management Software

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems to Introduce Game-Changing Industry Data Platform at Build Smarter Conference

Email Marketing Module in ERP Software for Home Builders

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems to Introduce Game-Changing Industry Data Platform at Build Smarter Conference

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, North America’s largest provider of homebuilding software and services, is set to reveal a new data platform that will allow builders to improve their operational insights while freeing up scarce data resources to add more value to their businesses.

With the Homebuilder Common Data Model, Constellation will be able to create a standardized set of industry metrics. By accessing the platform, homebuilders can then access highly valuable reporting, analytics, and dashboards, as well as benchmarks to compare their performance regionally. Many widely-used builder metrics, including backlogs, active selling communities, average sales price, net sales, and more, will be made available.

The platform is built to leverage Constellation’s popular construction ERP systems including NEWSTAR, BuildTopia, and FAST and to provide value across the industry.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share this important innovation with homebuilders,” said Paolo Benzan, Vice President, Data Strategy at Constellation HomeBuilder Systems.

“In this critical moment in the industry,” Benzan added, “Builders need access to timely, accurate, information and trends as they face higher costs across the board. With how expensive and hard to find data resources are, we’re proud to introduce this great way to capture insights while reducing your data footprint.”

A can’t-miss presentation of the Homebuilder Common Data Model is set for Constellation’s Build Smarter Conference. The event will be held in-person from Chicago, Illinois from November 7-9, 2022, with virtual streaming for Constellation customers available as well. The presentation will include a detailed walk-through of this new platform and the key data it will offer homebuilder finance, operations, sales, construction, and other teams. Attendees will see examples of benchmark data and learn the various options for accessing the information.

Chris Graham, President of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, shared his excitement about this announcement. “With true industry expertise behind each of our solutions, we’re proud to be a top, cutting-edge partner to the homebuilding industry. We are committed to empowering builders with the information they need to simplify building processes and maximize return on investment.”

“With the Homebuilder Common Data Model,” Graham continued, “We are powering the industry to build smarter than ever at a time when its impact is needed most.”


About Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is the largest provider of software and services in the building industry. Their innovative software solutions, available as standalone or integrated systems, empower builders with information to drive business objectives and simplify the process of building homes and condos. Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is the home building software division of Constellation Software Inc., an international provider of market-leading software and services for specialized industries, which is traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

CHBS VP of Marketing

For more information, please contact:

Elmira Abushayeva
Vice President of Marketing, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems
+1 (289) 859-4866

How to make the most of the Build Smarter 2021 Virtual Conference


Get a front-row seat at the upcoming Build Smarter Conference, from November 15th to 18th and see the new challenges and strategies in the building industry. In this four-day virtual conference, Constellation is bringing together leading veterans and fresh faces from all around the continent to share their knowledge, answer questions, and hash out contested approaches to the latest obstacles.

The benefits of Build Smarter 2021


Truly Virtual

This year's conference is completely virtual, allowing you flexibility, accessibility, and networking bonuses impossible with onsite conferences. It's also free to attend. We'll showcase our home base of Toronto while guiding this diverse group of professionals to collectively tackle the current challenges and changes.


1-1 Tech Lab Meetings

Make the most out of sessions, and our 1-1 Tech lab meetings, all from the comfort of your home or office. This virtual space provides the perfect platform for intimate connections and strategizing. It's even the premier space to showcase the latest tech. We're offering more than 70 hands-on training sessions that cover the newest Constellation products. Learn ERP with NEWSTAR, integrated construction management with BuildTopia, workflow automation with LandDev, and so much more.


Industry Trends

We all know that the industry changes rapidly, but the global pandemic accelerated the evolution at a rapid pace. You won't want to miss the chance to speak directly with expert panelists, soak up the latest market research trends, and even scope out the competition. Whether you work in construction, marketing, or development, the conference is designed to help guide your team towards success in a shifting landscape.


What You Can Truly Learn From the Experts

Our mission is to empower you with information that simplifies the building process and maximizes your return on investment. This event is an homage to the dissemination of

knowledge. A place where you'll be provided innovative solutions that drive business objectives and bring about clarity in your projects. By the end of this conference, attendees will gain new insights into everything from land development to customer success strategies.


Celebrate Success and Excellence with H.O.M.E Awards

We’re also welcoming the 11th Annual HOME-Owner Mark of Excellence Awards Gala to the Build Smarter Conference this year. The H.O.M.E. Awards symbolize excellence in the homeownership experience. Customers and clients themselves vote on award recipients through our CustomerInsight management software. You won’t want to miss this evening dedicated to celebrating what we all do best—stellar customer service.


UPDATE: Registration is CLOSED open

Don’t miss out on one of the most important educational and social events our industry has to offer. While Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is pleased to offer this conference completely free, customers would want to register early to secure your coveted spot. Registration is now closed.

Explore the Future of Digital Homebuilding Solutions with Constellation at IBSx 2021

The last year has been a challenging time for anyone working in the home building industry. Homebuilders have had to innovate quickly and take advantage of new technology to effectively meet the needs of their customers.

With so many introductions, first meetings, design consultations, and closings happening virtually, builders must ensure that their online presence and virtual solutions are as welcoming and personable as the atmosphere in their offices and showrooms.

All these changes have been challenging, especially since we’ve been separated from most of our colleagues and professional network for the last year. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Constellation HomeBuilder Systems will be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s virtual International Builders’ Show, IBSx 2021.

Why We’re Excited for the All-Virtual IBSx 2021

Although the Constellation team is saddened that we can’t gather in person, we’re thrilled at the opportunity to attend IBSx 2021 and showcase some of the solutions and technologies that have been critical to helping builders around the world adapt to the new virtual home building process.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts, who can speak to the process of digitizing every aspect of a homebuilder’s business. In addition to these active learning opportunities, there will be live and interactive networking events, forums, and meet-ups, which offer attendees the chance to discuss relevant topics in the building industry with small groups of their peers.

Constellation’s Solutions You Can Explore at IBSx 2021

In addition to these educational and networking events, there will be many opportunities to explore a variety of Constellation’s solutions through live product demos conducted by our experts.

These solutions include:

NEWSTAR SalesXpress

Make smarter, data-led decisions with SalesXpress, an innovative solution that allows builders to support their digitally savvy customers at every step of the purchasing journey. This sophisticated software allows builders to capture leads, create proposals, and even initiate sales directly from their website.


Builders who want to impress customers need to offer a personalized experience. CustomerInsight helps to deliver the advanced analytics that are required to build meaningful relationships with customers. Don’t rely on surveys or metrics – CustomerInsight can help win referrals while simultaneously lowering margins and promotional costs.

NHLS Distribution Engine

This platform is dedicated exclusively to NEW homes. NHLS provides the listing hub and distribution portal builders need to connect with buyers across North America. NHLS can help you manage, aggregate, and distribute your listing information to multiple marketing channels, and then manage the leads coming back in.

Design Studio Manager

Design Studio Manager allows builders to offer a fully responsive design studio environment to customers shopping both online and in-person. The intuitive layout allows your staff to curate collections for each customer with the touch of a button, simplifying the sales experience.

BuildTopia Reporting Dashboards

Get a visual representation of your live data with BuildTopia Reporting Dashboards, a solution designed to give your team a range of valuable insights packaged together a slick, easy-to-use layout.

Attend IBSx Free as a Guest of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

There are so many new solutions to explore, and it can be a challenge to find the time to learn each one in-depth. IBSx 2021 is a great opportunity to get an introduction to all of the innovative solutions offered by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems at our virtual booth.

We’re excited to see all of our colleagues and friends at IBSx 2021 from February 9th to 12th. For a unique opportunity to attend as our guest, register for a free expo-only pass.

Tech Lab at the Build Smarter 2019 Conference Helps to Streamline Your Team’s System and the Homebuyer Journey

Almost 80% of customers expect consistency across departments when they’re interacting with a company, according to the 2019 State of the Connected Customer Report by Salesforce.

Is your team hitting that expectation?

According to this same report, 60% of customers see most companies as having siloed departments rather than one cohesive system.

What does this tell us?

Businesses who aren’t already using an ERP system that syncs across departments must innovate or they’ll get left behind. But what if you’re not sure how to use certain functions? Attending the Tech Lab at the Build Smarter 2019 Conference will help you out with that because it’s not just about having the software.

It’s about knowing how to maximize efficiency so that every department is working as one big system.

For example, if there’s a breakdown of information from the sales center to the purchasing department, the homebuyer isn’t going to have sympathy for you. This applies to all data that travels across departments. So, making sure that every department knows how to use the ERP efficiently is paramount.

Homebuyers see that through the experience they’re going through starting from their first interaction with your company all the way to referral sales. Based on the same Salesforce report, 84% of customers say the experience they had with the company they bought from is just as important as its products or services. That’s 4% up from last year’s report.

It’s safe to say that if your departments aren’t working together to create an exceptional experience for your homebuyer, then you should start thinking about it now.

When you get a ticket to the Build Smarter 2019 Conference, you’ll be able to spend time at our Tech Lab to clarify information about features, clear up any confusions you had, and ask about functionalities you’d like to know more about. It would be like having a live product specialist at your side all day.

The conference will be held on November 18-20th at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona where hundreds of North America’s most information-hungry builders will attend. Whether you’re in marketing, sales, estimating, purchasing, warranty, customer success, or leadership, this conference will help you be more efficient day-to-day.

Top 5 Discoveries at the Build Smarter 2019 Conference

Decoding Today’s Home Buyer, and So Much More.

The Build Smarter 2019 Conference is just around the corner, kicking off on Nov. 18 in Scottsdale, Arizona. This year’s event will take place amidst a much more positive outlook than the industry experienced in the recent past. According to a report from Wells Fargo, “The outlook for residential construction in 2019 is improving versus late 2018, and there are sufficient tailwinds to carry the industry through any near-term economic turbulence.”

That’s very good news. It also makes this an interesting time to be a builder. We’re entering a ‘now or never’ reality in which builders must adopt new ways to market, manage, and communicate – or risk getting left behind. Critically, they also find themselves catering to a whole new class of home buyers that are accustomed to convenience and personalization in the digital age.

To that point, we’ve themed this year’s conference, The Expectation RevolutionExploring Building Trends, Technology, and Innovation for the Evolving Home Buyer, featuring an agenda packed with fresh content, education, and technical training. Here’s a taste of what’s to come, including five discoveries attendees can uncover at Build Smarter 2019.

(Check out the full agenda and registration details at the Build Smarter Conference site)

#1:  Buyer behavior is radically changing, and we’ve got the data to prove it.

The building industry is experiencing an expectation revolution, driven by highly discerning home buyers. It can be difficult to know when and how to adapt your business to keep pace. Understanding buyer expectations take the right strategy and insights. In our keynote, Decoding Today’s Home Buyer, Mollie Carmichael, principal with Meyers Research, will join us to reveal the latest home buyer data to help you understand their evolving demographics, preferences, and expectations.

(For more on 2019 Industry Predictions and Building Trends presented to you by Meyers Research, try our webinar, “2019 Industry Predictions and Building Trends”.

#2:  Digital innovation has impacted the home shopping journey – just ask the buyers.

According to a Builder Online article, millennials are set to finally enter the housing market in a very big way, stating, “aging millennials are set to close the headship rate gap with prior generations – likely driving steady long-term growth in residential new construction.”

That’s one explanation for drastic changes in builder/buyer interactions – from the way buyers search for listings, to how they view homes, and how they prefer to interact before, during, and after the sale. The whole industry is undergoing a digital transformation urged by consumers that are digitally savvy and always on the go. How do you respond?

We’ve put together a variety of sessions to help builders tackle this trend from the inside out. In a live Q&A session during our Innovation Panel, attendees will hear from real-life home buyers, builders, and industry experts about how innovation has impacted their personal journeys and experience.

We’ll also present Social Media: 5 Tips from Builders, a how-to session on Maximizing Your Online Marketing and Listing Exposure and bring in a design expert to talk about New Design Trends and Tools – packed with ideas to help you ride the digital wave, expand your online presence, and attract a steady stream of buyers to your listings.

#3:  The market is unpredictable, but you can rise above it.

As every builder understands, there are many factors that are beyond their control. It can be difficult to know how to evolve in an unpredictable market. Luckily, builders have access to a secret weapon – and it lives right next door. Your customer is a powerful asset to sharing the insights you need.

In our Live Builder Interview: Marketing & Sales Strategies to Win Home Buyers and Earn Trust Forever, a builder will share their strategies for attracting buyers in an often-unpredictable market, and how to build positive customer relationships throughout the process.

We’ll continue the discussion in Best Ways to Earn Referrals and Transform Your Customer Experience, as well as our Builder Panel: Finding Your ‘Aha’ Moment from Customer Feedback. Guests will learn from our CustomerInsight expert how to acquire and translate customer feedback and hear first-hand from builders how they walk alongside their homebuyers and use what they learned as a catalyst for process and business transformation.

#4:  Trade management can either be a thorn in your side or a chance to excel.

According to a recent NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Marketing Index survey, the availability of labor is the leading concern for builders in 2019. Issues with trade management have long plagued builders, often resulting in delayed closings, construction quality issues, and diminished customer trust. Builders must keep projects running smoothly to ensure they are prioritized by the most dependable trades, as well as proactively pinpoint quality concerns.

This is an issue we’ll tackle in one of our Builder University sessions, The Top 3 Challenges of Trade Management. In this session, a builder will share what approaches they find most useful for fostering a positive builder/trade relationship and talk about the best tools to use to improve trade communication and management.

Try " 5 Keys to Effective Trade Management " for effective methods to enhance your trade management, try “5 Keys to Effective Trade Management”.

#5:  Relevant builders understand how to bridge the gap between construction and technology.

From evolving expectations to digital disruption, we know the industry is rapidly changing. We don’t want you to simply survive, we want you to thrive. Our goal is to give you the power to build smarter, equipping you with the technology and data you need to remain agile to adapt and grow. Constellation’s ERP software solutions help you bridge the gap between technology and construction, and our Build Smarter Conference reflects this approach. Ultimately, we know you need hands-on training to get the most out of your technology investment. With a myriad of software training seminars, our tech lab, and product user groups, you’ll gain the best practices, tools, and technical know-how you need to improve and grow your business.

To learn more about the Build Smarter 2019 Conference, read the press release, watch the video, or visit our conference registration site.  We hope to see you there!


Navigating Volatility in the U.S. Residential New Construction Sector, © 2019 Wells Fargo Securities and L.E.K. Consulting

Report: 2019 Will Be Good for New Home Building, February 19, 2019,,  Builders: Materials in 2018, Labor in 2019, March 18, 2019, NAHB

What’s new this year at Build Smarter 2018 Conference?

This year’s conference in Nashville will be Constellation HomeBuilder System’s biggest turn out to date! What’s different about our 2018 conference is our session diversity. In previous years, our conference has mainly been for training customers on our software. This year, we have gathered the best industry experts to speak about the latest building trends, market data, and the future of homebuilding. We are introducing a new Builder University sessions track, which will be presented by top builders to share best practices. We are also bringing the largest customer care & professional services team to date! Drop by our tech lab for any software questions you might have.  Also, make sure to join user groups led by our software specialists to impact the development of your software solutions.

NEW Builder University Sessions Presented by Top Builders & Experts

Our highly anticipated university sessions include DSLD Homes as an event to surely attend. DSLD Homes is famous for mastery of even-flow scheduling of their construction team and their trades. Learn from an industry leader how they bring a home to market in just 43 days! Another anticipated session presented by our sponsor Meyers Research will discuss national housing market statistics in hot markets and what it means to a builder’s strategy. You can also drop by our Builder Roundtable on “What Customer Experience Means to You”, where we discuss the importance in the Customer journey for homeowners during the sales cycle. We are also including home builder university sessions exploring future developments that include predictive homebuilding powered by artificial intelligence and the trend of perfricated housing and what it means to the overall process of homebuilding. University sessions are perfect for gaining best-practices in building and learning about future trends in your industry.

More User Groups

At Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, we develop our construction project management software with functionalities our builders demand. Attending your software user groups ensures you are part of the discussion on how we can best serve you to build more homes. The user groups are also the best time for us to reveal our 2019 product roadmap! Ensure your voice is being heard by telling us key performance areas you wish enhanced. After all, you are an expert in building and we want to learn from you as well! We added more user groups this year. Make sure to arrive promptly on October 3rd. User groups for NEWSTAR, FAST, BuildTopia, LandDev, and Design Studio Manager will be held live at 4 PM immediately followed by our cocktail reception in the main ballroom!

ROAD TRIP to a Signature Homes Design Studio

Wednesday, October 3 @ 1:00pm

We are currently offering builders interested in improving their design center operations the chance to hit the road with us and see the Signature Homes Design Center in Nashville. Signature Homes has kindly opened their doors to other builders to learn about the best practices for design studio management that improve appointment workflows and increase your product margins. Here are three main reasons to join this tour:

  1. Learn how production builders are improving décor appointments with homeowners to elevate brand and improve upgrades sales
  2. See how Design Studio Manager software works in real life!
  3. Experience Virtual Reality technology and how it is impacting the interior selections process

Improved Tech Lab for All Your Software Questions- Drop by, Anytime!

Our Customer Care & Professionals Services team are excited to meet you! Our tech lab is back better than ever, from setting up sales campaigns to creating on-demand reports, our experts have you covered. Visit our tech lab to meet one-on-one to have your software questions answered. Our professional services team will also be present to take on any product enhancement requests. Our tech lab is a great way to get hands-on support from our customer care team, so you can walk away with key tips from our experts on how to maximize your software value.

Exciting Sessions for Every Builder

Our marketing team has been hard at work the past few months securing the right speakers and builders to join us to bring you sessions that will truly impact your business towards success. Whether you are attending the user groups to see how you can influence your software or interested in the general education sessions from our builders, we are sure you will find something useful to implement in your business after your Nashville trip that will positively impact your company bottom line. Join us with +300 home builders from across North America.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend The Build Smarter 2018 Conference

Build the rhythm of the future in Nashville, Tennessee at the largest software conference for home builders. Join builders from across the USA & Canada for education, networking, and interactive seminars.

The home building industry’s software event of the year! The Build Smarter 2018 Conference takes place in Nashville, Tennessee from October 3 – 5. The Constellation Team has expanded the learning curriculum with new education sessions, added new keynotes and panel discussions, and is expecting the biggest turnout to date. Here are the top 5 reasons to register.

Join +300 Prominent Homebuilders

Constellation HomeBuilder System’s provides mission-critical software to 75 of the top 200 homebuilders from North America. Expect 300+ builders from various markets, all with unique product offerings, building processes and technologies. What is bringing all these companies together is their profound desire for innovation in building techniques. Our clients understand business growth comes from the necessity to innovate and automate. The Build Smarter 2018 Conference is the right event for builders of all sizes seeking to grow, enhance their organizational practices and to educate their team members. It is also a great way to see how your peers are leveraging Constellation software.

New Homebuilder University Track

New to this year’s conference agenda is our Home Builder University Sessions. We have partnered with leading homebuilders and market experts to bring you educational sessions. For example, you can join DSLD Homes to learn how a tight schedule allows them to build a home in 43 days.

For scheduling advice, and an overview on the DSLD Homes Builder University Session, also try “ 5 Keys to Effective Trade Management” by Ali Hallak, Marketing Associate.

Our keynote speaker Tim Sullivan from Meyers research will also be leading a Builder University session. Tim brings more than 33 years of experience in analyzing and valuing real estate development opportunities across the United States. Bringing an empirical perspective to our Builder University track, Sullivan will present on local trends and statistics for four hot markets and will lead roundtable discussions on strategic implications of these market forces. These are but a few of the many newly added sessions to provide you with deep insight and innovative ideas.

Accelerate Your Career with Software Training

According to a popular study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, NAHB found that 88% of public and private homebuilders implement software solutions for internal management and 80% leverage technology for project management and staff communication. These results are not surprising to us, we are consistently supporting many homebuilders with these same solutions while ensuring their systems are truly integrated. Our conference will have 60+ software training sessions. As the largest leading systems provider for home builders – software training at our conference goes a long way in developing your role at your building firm and beyond in the industry.

Revamped Tech Lab

Drop in at any time to ask “HOW TO…” in YOUR system. Our team can load your data and work through your questions directly. Our experts will fill in any software knowledge gaps on the spot. Discuss new projects and work through new ideas in YOUR system together with the software experts. Our solutions are developed by the recommendations and hands-on feedback from our clients – and we appreciate the opportunity to listen!

Nashville, the City of Music

Come for the education, stay for the nightly entertainment. Join us for great food, nightly outings, and see where these memorable nights can lead you. Our team is hard at work to reserve for you the best venues to socialize and kickback. It’s music city, you can bet we have something fun planned with dancing and live music. Perhaps we can all go to Blake Shelton’s new place, Ole Red, there will be many options to choose from and you don’t want to miss out. Also, possibly consider staying the weekend in Nashville by bringing your loved ones with a few of our guest passes. If late nights are not for you, then consider touring the history-rich city of Nashville from their guided tours, we recommend you stop by the Cheekwood Estate and Garden for a breathtaking view and a great history lesson, maybe even visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for the real musical experience of Nashville.

The Verdict

There are many reasons to come to our Build Smarter 2018 Conference in Nashville this year. Having a hard time convincing your management? Share this article! There is educational and training content for every building department to learn something new. Bring your new knowledge back and share with your whole team.

Remember: Every dollar spent on conference registration fees is a dollar that can be applied to future software purchases.

Join us at the Build Smarter 2018 Conference

When: October 3 – 5

Where: JW Marriott Nashville | 201 8th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37203 USA


“Builders’ and Remodelers’ Use of Information Technology” By Paul Emrath, Ph.D. Economics and Housing Policy |

What to expect at PCBC 2018: An Overview for Builders


The home building meets innovation – what’s available at PCBC 2018 and how it impacts YOU.

The 2018 PCBC tradeshow is just around the corner! This building show has so much to offer and Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is excited to be an exhibitor at the show. We look forward to seeing how the building industry has grown. From project management to artificial intelligence, we are in the market to support home builders and developers to help them build smarter.

Here are some important things to consider during your time at PCBC:

It’s a Big Event

The nation’s top 350 manufacturers and suppliers in the homebuilding industry will be showcasing their latest innovations. Plus, the show gives you access to 10,000 leading builders, developers, contractors, architects, capital sources and key housing professionals. Even if you are not a purchaser, you can surely meet a few interesting professionals that can spark your next big development.

Home Building Meets Design and Technology

PCBC isn’t your ordinary builder show: it focuses on innovation, design trends, and pushing the industry’s capacity for effective building practices. Important topics of discussion for builders will involve:

Modular Construction – Investing in a growing building technique just in time to meet current market needs and labor shortages. Presented by Bryce Hall, Principal at KEPHART a prominent architectural and design firm. Our team looks forward to this session as many of our software users leveraging our many scheduling features would take an interest. Our customers are always looking to improve scheduling workflows between trades and team members, modular building practices is an important part of that dynamic.

Rising Housing Rates and a Recovery Economy – Rick Palacios JR, Director of John Burns Real Estate Consulting will cover current market dynamics and what they mean for builders and their homeowners.

Attainability – In this seminar, you will hear about the hike in housing prices today due to high demand, steep land costs, and surging material costs. Ron Nestor of WHA Architects will dive in to explore the effects of these issues and how builders are implementing design strategies for cost-effectiveness.

Customer First – This session will be presented by a profound marketing professional in the building industry, Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki. Customers are rejecting the same old established ways of providing homeowner care. Homeowners want a brand experience to go along with their homes. This is another great session that our customer experience team will look forward to. Customer experience is a core value within all of our technology solutions. Our software goes beyond simply enhancing the customer experience – we help you use feedback from your customers to improve your overall process.

For more on effective homeowner care strategies post-home sale, try “Reduce Risk of a Cancellation” by Lauren Hughes, Marketing Manager in The Home Building Industry.

Green Building – Construction that limits a builder’s footprint not only makes a positive impact on our environment but can also provide economic benefits. Wes Sullens from the U.S. Green Building Council has the latest news in the sector.

The Verdict

This year, our involvement in the PCBC show is unique. Our team of software specialists and management will be present on-site for any technology-related questions. Whether you are interested in an integrated software solution, are having issues within a specific building function, or are simply interested in how we are pioneering the ability for builders to build smarter. You can find us on the show floor, booth 1844.

Visit us at PCBC 2018 – Your Ticket is On Us

When: June 27 – 28

Where: The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA | BOOTH # 1844

For your complimentary ticket: Click Here

To schedule a building solution consultation: Meet us the Key Buyers Club

Hear Directly from Home Builders: How Design Studio Manager Delivers Exceptional Customer Experiences

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of home building software solutions and services, will be hosting an online panel of home building experts to discuss how implementing Design Studio Manager into their sales process has delivered exceptional customer experiences.

Design Studio Manager is a web-based software that helps home builders and developers to manage and simplify complex options selection process from any tablet or device. Builders who have adopted the software have begun to notice a more effective and efficient process. Some builders have increased their options and upgrades by 30% or more.

In this webinar, three builders will share experiences of working with Design Studio Manager, the newest product from Constellation. These builders report faster, more efficient appointments in their décor studios, and are benefitting from a design center that is fully integrated with their management software – both for product information and for enhanced reporting and analytics.

“Customer wish list” functionality allows new home buyers to pre-select options and upgrades through a personalized web portal: customers now arrive at the first design studio appointment with confidence. To further simplify the experience, your customers will take home fully integrated red line drawings with architectural symbols included – the same drawings your trades will use to accurately complete their work.

Webinar Panelists:
Dennis Kunkel, Director of System Operations, The New Home Company
Kim Bianchi, Décor Studio Manager, Opus Homes
Anne Marchildon, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Andrin Homes

Secure your spot in this live webinar to discover your NEW design studio experience.

Webinar details:
Discover The NEW Design Studio Experience
Hear from builders how new technology is improving the design studio experience.
Wednesday, April 25
2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT

For further information:

Elmira Abushayeva, Director of Marketing, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, 888-723-2222,