FAST Builder Management System

Advanced management software for production builders.

The FAST Builder Management System automatically monitors every aspect of your home building operation, allowing builders and developers to make critical decisions quickly and proactively, before they cost money. Automate processes, track costs and schedules, and quickly isolate problem areas.

The integrated single-database technology behind FAST helps you increase sales, margins per home and customer satisfaction. FAST intelligently synchronizes your entire organization, cultivating financial strength, and broadening operational insight.

Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing

Optimize your build process by organizing your data. Manage information including plans and options tailored to your markets, then automate the majority of your operations and measure detailed ROI.

Project Management

Build and proof budgets for house plans, plan options, and put standard and buyer options to market prior to construction. In doing so, FAST allows you to verify itemized takeoffs or lump sum bids with the right vendors at the right costs. This guarantees accuracy for both product and supplier. You can perform margin analyses on your plans and options so you know you have the best return on investment as a result of your planning process. FAST’s strength in data management lies in the ability to store plan- or option-specific templates, then apply additional layers of subdivision- or region-specific information, thus tailoring your templates to the market.


Ensure your company's pricing and margin policies are adhered to, while FAST automates the majority of the business experience that is proceeding as planned, leaving you more time to focus on unforeseen events. In the FAST production arena, you’ll easily compare vendors’ costs. For example, if you are shopping lumber, the production tools help determine which vendor is most competitive. FAST is an adaptable cost-control tool that adheres to how you, as a homebuilder, maintain and set employee disciplines within your organization.


Pre-designed templates within FAST Scheduling are structure-specific so you have separate single-story, two-story, duplex and or multi-family townhouse or condo templates. Furthermore, you can build in schedule options, based on option specifications by the builder, or purchased by the homebuyer as an option, to alter any schedule timeline. Each builder establishes one or many standard schedules, which may be modified depending on structure and the selected options. Custom change orders can alter budgets for time or schedules, and are also automated and easily managed with the FAST Scheduling software solution.

Accounting & Business Intelligence

Turn "Big Data" into Builder Intelligence. Deliver multi-level forecasting and budgets for in-depth analyses and make proactive decisions to better manage operations and meet budgets.


Automated online financial statements let you view and analyze financial reports, drilling down to any transaction-level detail you need. With Key Performance Indexes (KPIs), you’ll be able to review performances and compare them to targets, forecasts and budgets. Operational Dashboard shows and summarizes starts and closings in real time, jobs delayed and on schedule, variance dollars with actual data compared to targets. Historical trend analysis lets you calculate how you’ll perform in the future with projected profitability on a house-by-house level. Automated intercompany transactions based on user-defined rules save you from creating double entries, thereby reducing errors, saving time, and cutting costs. Automated invoice entry based on schedule and purchase order information drives even further efficiencies for your team’s time and resource management.

Job Costing

FAST Job Costing is a comprehensive real-time reporting package integrated fully with accounting, estimating, scheduling, purchasing, sales and warranty to save you time and money by eliminating duplicate or manual entry of information. As a by-product of doing your day-to-day forecasting, budgeting, purchasing and invoicing, FAST Job Costing offers automated reporting to effectively manage your jobs in process. No one in your organization has to wait for accounting postings or closings to obtain vital information. It allows you to track and focus on variances and performances of your trade and field personnel.

Performance Management

FAST Performance Management, via a web-based analysis tool, allows you to measure and manage day-to-day operations, in real time. You know instantly how your build program is performing relative to your organization's benchmarks. As a by-product of the transactional data from prospecting for sales, through the sales and options process, to production, accounting and warranty, FAST Performance Management captures all relevant detail and aggregates it into a single page for easy measurement and comparison of KPIs. Based on the KPIs, which show under-performing areas, you can call up the transactions supporting these indicators to whatever level of detail required. This insight can be viewed in real time, so you know what is going right, and what is not - as it happens.

Land Development

Versatile land development software from FAST. As a home builder and land developer, whether you sell the land or to build on it, you must manage all the phases of the development process from initial land acquisition to final disposition of lots. FAST will track all of this activity and adapt to it, finding efficiencies you may have missed.

With FAST Land Development you'll control multiple purchase orders, as well as calculate partial invoicing of contracts based on percentage complete for any land development project for reliable, profit-driven results.

FAST Land Development provides you with the ability to create multiple assemblies, tracking related costs. Start with a preliminary budget and adjust over time. Once the system is implemented, you can progress bill and print cost analysis reports at any stage of the process. Land Development within the FAST system is fully integrated to accounting – so however you choose to leverage it to support your business, all accounting controls for costs, payments, reports, and revenue remain intact.

Community planning software

Sales Management & CRM

Improve closing ratios by providing personalized information to the buyer - on time. Sales Management with FAST is a powerful web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for homebuilders. Manage all prospecting, marketing and sales processes online 24/7. Our easy-to-use system helps you produce the highest number of conversions to sales possible.


Connect to your sales system anytime, anywhere. FASTSales allows you to develop and manage marketing programs to generate leads, plus identify and categorize prospects. You’ll easily weed out the lookers from the buyers, for measurable marketing payback. The system zeros in on suitable products to meet the needs of the prospective homebuyer. It takes into consideration their credit potential and ability to buy a home, while optimizing upgrade option sales. It automates your website “contact us” page and enters contact and demographics information, which is then transferred to a sales agent’s task schedule, thus triggering follow up communication such as phone calls, letters, emails, brochures and more. This ensures your prospects receive timely information throughout the buying process.

Product Management

Eliminate the re-input often required by other systems for house design and option information, significantly improving the organization and efficiency of your product mix. Once you select the design of the home, you can easily store the bill of materials, plan or global options, and schedule information. FAST’s superior data storage concept provides for endless choices in efficiently modularizing the data necessary to optimize and support any product mix and Build Program. Building materials can be itemized per plan or assembly method, as well as option-by-option. This data can be reused in the form of one pre-set template to standardize all plan take-offs. From there, the system allows for modifications generated by standard or custom requests from homebuyers, and gives you the ability to adjust job differences per site conditions, or regional municipal code requirements. Now you’re ready to select a variety of subcontractors and suppliers to meet your building needs.

Warranty & Customer Service

Show your customers through their digital doorway. FAST Warranty offers homebuilders a comprehensive warranty management system designed to address key business needs of homeowners, builders, and customer service / warranty repair staff alike. Build customer relationships and referrals by offering homebuyers a web-based, single-point entry system for repair requests.

FAST Warranty provides homeowners with a doorway through which they can view home selections, communicate with the builder, submit electronic service requests, obtain product information, and participate in builder-defined surveys.

This not only enhances the homeowner experience, but also serves as a bridge between the builder’s customer-facing website and the back office portion of the ERP suite — a single-point entry system for customer repair requests and builder responses. Quickly research original subcontractors, enter and track requests for product repair, generate and automatically distribute electronic service orders, schedule repair appointments, and automate service order back charges. Standard reports help builders analyze warranty expenses, manage service order aging, and perform rigorous historical defect analysis.

Waranty Management Software

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