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NewHomeListingService™.com is an exclusive search Hub that connects home builders with engaged buyers. Dedicated to new home listings, this unique portal is proven to match the perfect home with the right buyer – while delivering valuable leads for the home builder all in one place.

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Central Source for Listings

Organize your new home listings in one place to reach more buyers. With property details categorized by city and community, NHLS makes it easy for buyers to locate your listings and send you direct inquiries.

Buyer Insights

Learn about your customers through site demographics and personas to help you improve your listings and target the right buyers.

Lead Generation

Know when buyers are active on the site and provide a quick, personalized response to leads

Easy Content Management

NHLS allows you to edit and update your listings leveraging an easy-to-use dashboard. Your team can add listings manually, or we can upload it all for you.

Private Land Deals

Access to NHLS private sellers, a complimentary service after partnership.

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New Home Key

Our exclusive Rapid Lead Response System lets you follow up with new home buyers anytime, anywhere.

Gain complete control over lead response Dramatically increase response time Empower your sales team to respond 24/7

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CAMPUS is a community for homebuilders to connect and have conversations. Have you ever wondered how other builders get things done? This is a great place to ask your peers those questions. We encourage you to participate and share your ideas. We built CAMPUS for you to enjoy and explore.

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