Requires BuildTopia

BuildTopia Dashboard

Real-time view of all your BuildTopia construction management projects from a single Dashboard.

Your data will leap off the screen with BuildTopia Dashboards — a platform that provides a visual representation of your complete home builder data, making important business insights just a glance away. Fully integrated with BuildTopia Construction ERP Software.

Visual Reporting

Access intuitive graphs for Management, Constructions, Purchasing, Sales, and Warranty departments with comprehensive reports available in colorful formats that are easy to add to presentations.

Resource Tracking

Empower employees to take ownership and track how their performance directly impacts business results.

Real-Time Data

Work faster with real-time data and the ability to remove the reports you don’t need.

Improved Project Visibility

Improve business clarity with instant visibility to critical metrics.


Fully integrated with the BuildTopia ecosystems

Leverage real-time data analysis to reduce construction cycle times, identify resource conflicts, eliminate mistakes, and cut costs from a single Dashboard.

BuildTopia web based construction management software

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