Purchasing and Estimating

Manage costs and increase the profitability of your business with powerful purchasing and construction estimating software.

End-to-end construction estimating

Real-time budget management

Streamlined trade partner bids

Options management to optimize sales

Automated processes for purchase orders

Financial insights and reports

All-in-one Purchasing, Bidding and Estimating Software

Streamline your business processes with software designed to optimize your homebuilder scheduling and management of budgets, purchase orders, margins, vendor bids, and beyond.


Streamline your end-to-end finances with a single control system that is fully integrated with your other business functions and track purchase orders and costs in real time.


Complete oversight of input costs ensuring job estimates accuracy and the ability to establish multiple budgets throughout the building cycle.

Track Expenses

Track purchase order costs and selling prices, aligning all invoices within the system and ensuring each job remains on time and on budget.

Production Management

Drive better margins with Home Product Management, which helps ensure you make or exceed budgeted and targeted profits.

Offer Management

Easily control selections, upgrade options, and available pricing to boost sales and manage predictability with Option Management.

Centralized Control

Drive down costs and improve profits from a central system, homebuilders have rapid access to comprehensive data, real-time pricing and effective ad-hoc reporting.

Vendor Bids

Secure online portal for complete bid management to efficiently organize, manage, analyze, and award bids while providing smooth, standardized experience for trade partners.

Financial Reports

Develop user-defined custom reports for any business function, delivered automatically to targeted employees when they need them.

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How estimation software for construction impacts your business

With a single control system for purchasing, estimating, and project bidding, homebuilders gain a powerful hub of insights and tools to run an efficient and profitable home construction business.

  • Track budgets and costs.
  • Save time with easy approval flows.
  • Improve margins with option management.
  • Gain transparency between vendors and builders.
  • View and analyze real-time financial data.
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Our Software

The leading single integrated software for builders and developers.

  • Land Development and Construction
  • Estimating and Purchasing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Construction Scheduling
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  • With built-in Accounting, integrate construction accounting practices and make informed decisions at a glance.
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Powerful cloud-based construction project management software for builders.

  • Real-time project management
  • CRM and Sales Automation
  • Seamless Accounting Integration
  • Customized Buyer Experience
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  • Integrates with most Accounting platforms, giving you flexibility to use the software you prefer.
Explore the Ecosystem

Bid Manager provides a secure online portal to efficiently organize, manage, and award bidding projects, cutting tedious manual tasks.

  • Populate bid fields directly from NEWSTAR
  • Empower vendors with an online bid portal
  • Gain data insights and comparison reports
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