Thursday, June 16, 2022

CustomerInsight, CustomerConnect, and the Home Owner Mark of Excellence have become well-known brands that builders and developers continue to select as their partners of choice across North America. Through our programs and services, Homebuilding companies align their annual goals/targets and even team bonuses, on the H.O.M.E. Award program, where winning the Best Customer Experience/Builder of Choice was a game changer for the entire organization. It is vital to make sure your employees feel properly recognized for all the hard work they do day in and day out. When team members see that there’s more to getting the job done than simply receiving a post on LinkedIn, they are often inspired to work harder, especially if there is an achievable, yet challenging target involved.

When we made the decision to introduce an award program that was based solely on the voice of the customer, we had hoped it would eventually draw attention and challenge the status quo of those who loved their marketing awards, but, we did not expect it to become the most sought after award in North America. This November, we will be celebrating the 12th annual H.O.M.E. Awards, which, would not be possible without you. To our clients, team members, associations, trade contractors, industry stakeholders and yes, our competitors, thank you for inspiring us to work hard, stay focused and continue this great award program.

What to expect for the 12th Annual ceremony?

If you haven’t already done so, please register today to ensure your team is locked in for this year. In November, we will have a hybrid event where participants are welcome to join us at the annual Build Smarter Conference at Swissôtel Chicago on November 7-9. If you are unable to make it in person, we will be hosting the award ceremony online, just as we did last year. We want to ensure we celebrate those companies who have achieved exceptional customer experience scores throughout 2021 and 2022, as rated by their clients, and there’s no better way than to offer more than one way for your entire team to gather and celebrate together.

Build Smarter Conference at Swissôtel Chicago, November 7-9Register now

What is the H.O.M.E. Awards?

For those who are new to this award program, welcome! Participating in the Best Customer Experience category is a big endeavour and those companies who are dedicated to providing great customer experiences, typically find themselves in a finalist position each year. This award has only one judge and that is your customers. Companies competing for Builder of Choice have the added evaluation of their trade/supply partners and internal team members, not an easy feat. Builders must deliver on their promises and follow through on one-year obligations to the customer while at the same time, treating people as ‘part of the team’ – not an easy task.

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2022 H.O.M.E. Award Categories

Best Customer Experience

New homebuyers rate their builder twice, 1 month post-possession and 13 months post-possession.

Builder of Choice

New homebuyers rate their builder twice (as above), plus, their trade/supply partners and employees evaluate them.

Best Trade Partner

Trade and supply partners are evaluated by their builder partners of their workmanship, quality, reliability, warranty and customer service.

Industry Ambassador of the Year

Industry leaders who stand-out in customer experience and go above and beyond to positively impact the Residential Homebuilding Industry.

Why participate?

We all know the importance of reputation, and what builders need to do to protect it, but let’s consider the positives that come from being a finalist and the best way to share your outstanding accomplishments.
Your unique brand is what defines you among your customer base, and helps drive business to your sales centres/website. Everything you do ‘speaks’ to your brand. So, if you are a finalist, tell people about it! It defines who you are. It defines your brand. It markets your business.

Chances are, you have a happy, active and engaged customer base who are out there talking up (and sharing) your business. Keep them talking. Engage them on social media, encourage them to give you an online review, and you’ll probably pick up a few new customers along the way.

Being a finalist means recognition, but also, earning the right to use the branding in all of your advertising, marketing, social media, signage, etc. Take advantage of that. Contact CustomerInsight be sure to order certificates for your sales centres, flags, banners and more. After years of marketing this brand, consumers recognize these awards. It’s your seal of approval. And don’t forget to thank your customers. They are the ones who are driving your brand. Let them know you appreciate them. Incorporate that into your advertising and marketing, and let them know you appreciate their support. It’s as simple as “Thank you for helping us reach our goal of being a finalist.

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