When selecting an ERP software provider, you are buying more than software – you are beginning a relationship with an organization to whom you entrust your mission-critical information. This provider develops, supports, and maintains your critical information, sometimes even hosts it on their servers – that’s a lot of trust!

When you select Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, you are also selecting our parent company, Constellation Software Inc. (read more about us). Constellation Software is a leading vertical-market software company that acquires and then invests in specialized software products in various industries. Through this structure, Constellation companies are able to invest far more time and resources into our software products than our competition. We direct our resources based on feedback from our valued customers.

Here’s some recent news from Constellation Software:

Constellation Software Inc. was recently featured in Bloomberg and the Financial Post in an article highlighting the company’s consistently impressive growth, with the stock price gaining 483% over the past five years ending May 3. See the five-year stock quote here.

Constellation Software Inc. Financial Data

Constellation Software’s President, Mark Leonard, was recently interviewed for The Globe and Mail in an article titled, “The man with a Midas touch for acquisitions.”

Constellation Software acquired Quantitative Medical Systems (QMS) last Friday, May 3, 2013 through the Constellation HomeBuilder Systems division (via  Wall Street Journal).

The above image is a “tag cloud” of Constellation Software’s vertical markets.