HomeBuilder Common Data Model

The game-changing data platform offering powerful insights to homebuilders

Reporting & Analytics

Industry standard reports and data analytics on your performance in finance, operations, construction, and sales.



Follow your teams’ progress towards goals and project completion via key performance indicators (KPIs) through intuitive dashboards.


Compare your performance against regional averages for critical, actionable insights.  Benchmarks can be viewed at an aggregate or detailed level and can be segmented nationally or regionally.

Data Dictionary

Access explanations of the entities and dimensions tracked to ensure a complete understanding throughout your business.

Flexible Data Extension

Customize or add to the information you receive by pushing back data to your own internal SQL database.

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Metrics & Insights

The Homebuilder Common Data Model leverages a standardized set of industry metrics to offer you timely, valuable insights about your business performance and regional homebuilding market. With the Homebuilder Common Data Model, we’re taking the next step in fulfilling our promise to the homebuilding industry: empowering builders with information to drive business processes, simplify the homebuilding process, and maximize return on investment.

“Now, more than ever, builders should know how their productivity, revenue, and costs are changing in real-time. That is the baseline for data analysis, and until now, it hasn’t been readily available to many builders. Today’s leading homebuilders succeed by reacting to up-to-the-minute shifts and making smart decisions quickly. Without the access to good data, homebuilders run the risk of missing an opportunity to make timely improvements. We know this is key to the success of any business, and it becomes even more actionable when you can financial and operational comparisons to other well-run businesses.”

Bob Swainhart | Vice President Enterprise Solutions Group,
Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

Ecosystems + Data Mapping

Easily integrates with NEWSTAR, BuildTopia and FAST ERP systems

Integration with Constellation’s suite of products means reduced errors, lower costs, seamless correlation and flow of data, and support from the company you trust. Builders across the industry, regardless of their internal technology, can also access the HomeBuilder Common Data Model through an advanced data-mapping process.

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