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Do you hear the voice of the customer?

Woodland, O'Brien & Scott

It is kind of like a personal trainer.  You don’t always like what Woodland, O’Brien & Scott make you do, but you know it is making you better. You cannot deliver a good experience without finding out what customers care about.

Saun Sullivan

With WOS you get accurate and valuable surveying along with their considerable expertise in creating effective improvement plans. WOS have been one of the best consulting partners that we have used.  Year-in and year-out we count on them to help us continually improve our customer experience.  They are truly best-in-class.

Tom French
French Brothers

I am not sure the company always likes the results, but they all respect the value and have bought into the process of continual improvement. It develops a corporate culture around doing the right thing the right way.

James V. Clarke
Robertson Brothers Homes

No builder I have met has ever regretted partnering with Woodland, O’Brien & Scott. In fact, my Builder 20 Group and other builder peers consistently tell me that WOS is one of the BEST THINGS they ever did to make their business successful, raise the morale of their employees, and radically improve their reputation in their markets. Since implementing their systems three years ago, our business has grown, our income has exploded, we have been voted “The Best Company to Work For” the last two years, and we were voted the #1 Homebuilder in Arizona.

David Grounds
Dorn Homes

We are very happy with the service of Woodland, O’Brien & Scott. Listen and you may learn something. Don’t be defensive. You are not going to make a perfect score. There is always room for improvement.

Steve Krasoff
Scott Felder Homes

I would highly recommend working with Woodland, O’Brien & Scott. We could not have reached this level without them.  For the second year in a row we have received from Builder Partnerships the Highest level in customer distinction, something we could not be prouder to achieve.

Robert Gladstein
American Classic Homes

It forces us to reflect on what we are doing wrong, but most importantly it helps us figure out opportunities for improvement. Our business is much more than building homes, it is about creating the BEST home buying experience. The home our customers move into is the end result, but we are realizing more and more it is about the pathway to get there. Using the feedback to create a company that is as focused on the customer and their experience is the goal.

Jeff Czar
Armadillo Homes

We all want feedback, and getting it from the customer is the best feedback we can get. There is no one better in the business doing this than Woodland, O'Brien & Scott.

JD Espana Jr.
Piedmont Residential

You will get feedback and professional guidance (from Woodland, O’Brien & Scott) that you will not find anywhere else.

Tom Schoedel
Atlantic Builders

I would encourage anyone who wants better feedback from customers to use their service. If you want to get better you should talk to customers, not just other builders and seminar speakers. You have to be willing to hear what the customer is saying without dismissing or defending your company. Let go of that huge ego we all have.

Mark Downing
CornerStone Homes
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