NHLS – Distributing your listings and leads to the right place, at the right time, every time.

NHLS Distribution Engine

NHLS Distribution Engine

NHLS Distribution Engine Overview


One Enhanced Platform for All Your Online Listings & Leads.

Over 90% of your buyers are searching online before they ever visit a builder. Digital listings are essential, but with so many different websites featuring them, create a time-consuming challenge for builders.

Now, imagine ONE place to easily create and update ALL your listings and collect your leads, with just a few clicks. That’s the beauty of New Home Listing Service (NHLS™). Dedicated exclusively to NEW homes, NHLS™ provides the listing hub and syndication portal builders need to connect with buyers across North America.


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Home Builder Benefits:

  • Listing Management
    One site for listing management - Integrated Information and everything you need to manage content in 1 central place.

  • Aggregation and Distribution
    One site for aggregate and distribution listings - update listings across numerous real estate advertising sites, with n technology requirement (it's already done for you).

  • Lead Management
    One site to aggregate and distribute leads - capture leads and connect them to your favorite CRM tool only once, saving you time and cost.

With NHLS™, you’ll never duplicate data entry again, helping you match  the right buyer with the perfect home faster than ever.


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NHLS Distribution Engine

NHLS Distribution Engine Review


"NHLS has been a game changer for our marketing department! The team at NHLS has worked tirelessly to make sure we were able to integrate our website with our builder management system – Newstar ERP.

As our business grows with more communities and even more homes, our marketing team has found it necessary to connect our business management system data to our website so that our team could cut down on manual data entry of homes, plans and community information. The demands of marketers in a world of ever-increasing platforms and importance of data accuracy turned us to find a software solution. The NHLS distribution engine provides us one place where our plan, spec and community data can be  edited and enhanced from our business management system. After enhancement and pictures are added, it is then pushed out to our website and other marketing platforms. This allows us to only have one source of entry and not have to manually enter data across multiple platforms.

NHLS was able to take complicated developer jargon and explain it in laymen’s terms, making the setup process much less daunting. We were able to easily communicate with the team our specific use case scenarios and the output was an intuitive, user-friendly  software that makes the daily workload as home builder marketing professionals much easier! “

— Whitney Pryor | Inbound Marketing Manager, J Houston Homes


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