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NEWSTAR Overview

NEWSTAR Enterprise is the one enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system that grows with your home building, condo and land development business.  Designed for residential construction projects and business management, NEWSTAR is a production and accounting system that helps you make faster business decisions, reduce costs and drive growth.

One system powers your entire homebuilding business and is flexible enough to adapt to your business process, operations, trades and customer relationships, while tracking every dollar earned and spent along the way.

NEWSTAR Enterprise

Product Options

NEWSTAR Enterprise is a modular software system designed to meet the needs of home builders, property managers, remodellers, and land developers. The core NEWSTAR system provides production, scheduling, accounting, and warranty functions. Further extend your system to realize the full potential of NEWSTAR Enterprise.

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Qualico started using Constellation’s NEWSTAR platform January 1, 1999, remember Y2K compliance? The early years we used the basics, general ledger, costing and payroll. Over the next ten years slowly migrated to using the purchase order module. Our usage of the system back then was minor compared to today. Our NEWSTAR world changed dramatically over the last five years. We have several business units striving to use the entire suite of NEWSTAR products with many others right behind them. With the diversity and size of Qualico, we couldn’t have reached our implementation targets and improvements without the help of Constellation. Their employees are truly dedicated to improving the functionality and sophistication of the software. With every software product, we’ve had our challenges through implementations and internal buy-in, but Constellation has been there with us every step of the way, assisting with audits, suggesting best practices and two way communications. Most of all, they are committed to listening to our business issues that could be improved either through recommending alternative processes or software enhancements. We would recommend Constellation’s NEWSTAR software to any other production homebuilder seeking to increase their efficiency in the homebuilding market.

Kevin Klayh CPA, CMA
Vice-President, Corporate Controller

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Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing

Streamline and optimize your business processes to build better homes on time with NEWSTAR scheduling, estimating and purchasing construction software.

  • One central builder software solution with options, pricing, and accounting.
  • NEWSTAR Option Management controls selections, upgrade options, and available pricing to optimize sales efforts.
  • Close a sale and purchase orders are automatically pushed to your trades.
  • View and control builder production schedules in the field with Constellation’s patented technology.
  • Streamline procurement – use the web to distribute project information and bid packages to your trades.
  • Reduce and automate admin – automatic payment systems reduce clerical efforts and encourage trades to complete work to deadlines.
  • Optimize sales and margins with Home Production Management, a powerful control system that ensure you've made planned profits.
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Scheduling & Production Home Builder Software Solutions

Accounting & Business Intelligence

Integrate construction accounting practices, make informed decisions at a glance and reduce costly errors throughout your organization with NEWSTAR home builder accounting.

  • Simplify builder finance analysis comparing projections to actual.
  • Analyze variances in real time to prevent margin erosion.
  • Streamline workflows and automate repetitive functions like manual entry of paper invoices.
  • Integrate advanced home builder accounting functions — automatically updating your bank regarding construction load funding, for instance.
  • Increase efficiency with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to suppliers according to pre-defined parameters and Newstar Payroll integration.
  • Customized analysis & simple Microsoft SQL-based reports with informXL.
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Accounting Home Builder Software Solutions

Land Development

Control and automate workflows to maximize profits with NEWSTAR land development software.

  • Land development module built into NEWSTAR Enterprise.
  • For more advanced projects, the dedicated LandDev™ solution links natively with NEWSTAR Enterprise.
  • Control costs with real-time alerts.
  • Automatically forecast and manage cash flow.
  • Manage variances to schedule to eliminate surprise cost overruns.
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Land Development Home Builder Software Solutions

Sales Management & CRM

Manage the entire sales pipeline and build in valuable customer relationship management from sale to referral.

  • NEWSTAR Sales integrates with your entire ERP system in one central building software solution.
  • Generate, acquire and nurture customer leads by capturing, then guiding sales agents and homebuyers through the entire sales process with sales and lead management.
  • Automate financial calculations, contract creation and sales reporting.
  • Display homes in an interactive sales center, allowing homebuyers to view and select options and then monitor the progress of their new home.
  • Custom reports and analytics allow strategic deployment of marketing dollars for the highest ROI.
  • DocuSign for NEWSTAR provides a fast, easy and secure way to complete and sign contracts in the sales center, at home, or across the globe.
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Sales Management Home Builder Software Solutions

Warranty & Customer Service

Provide a personalized website for homeowners to access information and connect with your team with NEWSTAR Warranty software.

  • Integrated system is easy to use, maintain and provides cutting-edge data intelligence to build customer relationships.
  • Reduce service time during the new home warranty period and increase customer service for new home buyers with NEWSTARWeb CustomerLink.
  • Access construction schedules and documents including completion dates, warranty information, upgrades and options.
  • NEWSTAR OnLocation-Warranty utilizes tablet technology for pre-delivery inspections and warranty walkthroughs.
  • Keeps track of warranty service performance for subcontractors and customer service managers.
  • Instant notifications of critical warranty dates and changes.
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Warranty & Customer Service Home Builder Software Solutions

Websites & Digital Marketing

Sell more homes with digital builder marketing solutions.

  • Homebuilder Unlimited website platforms help drive traffic and capture more leads with NEWSTAR WebLeads.
  • Integrates with your home building software system and CRM.
  • SEO/SEM helps reach more qualified prospects.
  • Social media connects with your customers to build relationships and referral sales.
  • Custom website development tailors builder websites to fit your business.

G.1440 is a Constellation company providing digital solutions for the residential construction and real estate industry.

Learn more at

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Websites & Digital Marketing Home Builder Software Solutions

Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing

Scheduling from the job site? We invented it.

Builders’ needs vary, especially when it comes to implementing a schedule across the organization – from the desk to the job site. Constellation holds a patent for the technology behind viewing and altering homebuilder schedules in the field. Effortlessly monitor and control construction schedules and payment processes with the most advanced home builder scheduling solutions available.

  • OnLocation-Schedule: visually display production tasks necessary to complete a job on time, while indicating the compounding impact of schedule changes on an overall completion date. Whether it's a job in progress or due tomorrow, you have a "need to know" look at all scheduled tasks.
  • VendorLink: keep your trades and vendors connected to your organization AND reduce calls to the back office. VendorLink is a custom website for each of your vendors and trades, with real-time information powered by NEWSTAR Enterprise. Push important information to your trades to keep them informed: schedules, documents and purchase orders, account payments, and communications.
  • Workflow Services: automate email notifications delivering consistent, timely and accurate information to home buyers, internal staff, trades or suppliers at various stages of the production cycle from sales to warranty. To the superintendent: the framing is complete; to the sales manager: a new home is sold; to the plumber: a warranty work order is submitted; to the homeowner: windows will be installed tomorrow.
  • NEWSTAR & BuildPro: provide real-time communication between the home builder, field staff, and suppliers or trades on each construction project with greater accuracy and time efficiency.
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Scheduling & Production Home Builder Software Solutions

Accounting & Business Intelligence

Advanced accounting and business intelligence tools for home builders.

NEWSTAR Enterprise is a powerful full-featured accounting system for home builders with built-in reporting tools. 

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): transfer money immediately and securely from one bank account to another bank account electronically, eliminating the use of paper checks. With NEWSTAR Enterprise, use EFT to pay your trades, vendors, and employees, immediately and securely.
  • Payroll: enter employee earnings by hours or salary, and the system will automatically perform calculations over any pay period, apply deductions, and process electronic payments via direct deposit, while also keeping taxes in order. Allocate payroll costs directly to a project or job, ensuring that all costs are accounted for and applied correctly and exactly to an individual home.
  • NEWSTAR & informXL: a comprehensive and easy-to-use Microsoft Excel reporting plug-in for NEWSTAR Enterprise. Visualize your information through personalized dashboards, customized charts, graphs, and pre-built lists. And because it's Excel, you already know how to use it. informXL plugs right in and can be installed within an hour.
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Accounting Home Builder Software Solutions

Sales Management & CRM

Turbocharge your new home sales by connecting your front and back offices: experience the value of a CRM designed specifically for home builders.

The value of a sales system that is designed from the ground up to work with NEWSTAR lies in the data — keep more of it and access it from anywhere. Track customer data from the initial point of contact through home production and customer service in a true home builder CRM system.

  • NEWSTAR Design Studio Manager: simplify the options selection process and increase customer satisfaction at your design center. From previewing and selecting options to signing the addendum, Design Studio Manager improves the flow through your design process boosting your customer’s confidence. With a full library of products from your existing database displayed at their fingertips, your customers build their new home in a visual, interactive experience, generating and finalizing contracts immediately. Design Studio Manager is mobile capable with touch or scan input methods; fully integrated with your management software for product information, sales contracts and construction schedules. Improves customer interaction with design center visual merchandising strategies.
  • NEWSTAR Sales: automatically record prospective homebuyers; including tracking prospect visits by sales office and type of prospect. NEWSTAR Sales suggests when, where and how to advertise. Define entry-level buyers from more seasoned buyers and accurately choose the right advertising venue, depending on your audience. Automated "to do lists" and compulsory follow-ups such as deposit dates, lot reservations, selling of released lots, and custom options, ensure that you never miss a thing. Give your salespeople the right tools to sell more: interactive selection of authorized, available options and upgrades with eye-catching visual display. Effortlessly determine a homebuyer’s pre-qualification, based on the credit application and loan requirements. NEWSTAR Sales allows you to design a contract package, covering necessary legalities and all related documents.
  • DocuSign for NEWSTAR Sales: the DocuSign electronic signature solution now integrates directly with NEWSTAR Enterprise to help builders reduce risk, achieve greater compliance, accelerate approval processes, and save time and money. DocuSign provides home builders, contractors and home buyers with the easiest, fastest, most secure way to complete and sign contracts and more — anytime, anywhere. Sign sales contracts at the sales center, at the construction site, or send them across the world and back in seconds.
  • NEWSTAR & Sales1440: easily manage the sales process from start to finish – track new leads, automate sales follow-up, track customer lots, manage floor plans and options selections, and automatically create dynamic sales contracts.
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Sales Management Home Builder Software Solutions

Land Development

Automate your land development and manage by exception.

Maximize your return on each plot of land by utilizing a best practices approach to land development. Extend the functionality of your existing NEWSTAR land development module by adding LandDev.

  • NEWSTAR & LandDev: an unprecedented level of development control by utilizing flexible “best practices” to automate workflow, manage costs, and easily monitor cash flow and job schedules. Automate repetitive tasks and focus on issues as they arise. LandDev maximizes profitability by enabling you to easily analyze and control costs on every job, and effectively manage job schedules. Cash flow projections help manage, forecast and control long-term cash flow needs, as well as improve vendor relations with accurate and timely billing.
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Land Development Home Builder Software Solutions

Warranty & Customer Service

Customer Service = Customer Relationship Management

Give your customers peace of mind in their new home. Capturing information in NEWSTAR Enterprise provides in-depth customer relationship management for production home builders. These NEWSTAR extensions strengthen the link between the builder and the homeowner, forming a relationship to last beyond the final sale.

  • The Conasys Homeowner Care Platform: built specifically for new home builders and developers, Conasys offers fully interactive homeowner and builder-specific portals that will fundamentally change how you view homeowner care and the homeownership experience.
  • OnLocation-Warranty: utilize tablet technology for pre-delivery inspections (PDIs) and warranty walkthroughs; maximizing warranty staff productivity and efficiency in the field or in front of homebuyers. With integration to NEWSTAR Enterprise, signed PDIs are sent to NEWSTAR for archiving and the work order is created immediately, then tracked and updated. Using a hand-held device, OnLocation-Warranty gives you instant access to all homeowner data, contact information, status of work orders in progress, plus all the warranty information you need at your fingertips for each home you build.
  • CustomerLink: let the homebuyer know that you are right there with them as they take those first steps in their new surroundings. Provide a warranty that is more than a stack of paper: a single point of contact where new homeowners can access live information about their home, and connect with your team at the click of a button. Provide your tenants with a single point of contact to connect with their property management team. Homeowners and tenants log in to CustomerLink from any web browser to view information about their unit(s) in the dashboard, including home and warranty information, build schedules and warranty requests.
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Warranty & Customer Service Home Builder Software Solutions

Websites & Online Marketing

93% of buyers search for new homes online. We can help.

If your digital marketing isn’t selling homes... then it's time to give us a call. Track each lead through the sales cycle, retaining all sales data for the life of the customer.

  • WebLeads: an automated lead qualification and prospect management tool for home builders that allows you to quickly qualify, personally respond, and narrow your focus on prospects that are ready to purchase. Successful homebuilders have proven that immediately responding to new prospects delivers the best sales results. A prompt response to a new prospects’ inquiry can make all the difference. Convert and close more prospects with WebLeads by effectively qualifying and communicating with prospects in real time.
  • G.1440 Digital Marketing: We build websites that convert prospects into buyers by creating an engaging experience that empowers visitors to take action. A custom home builder website will set you apart from your competition, and can integrate with your builder software, including your NEWSTAR Enterprise and Sales systems. Built on an easy-to-use content management system, you will have all the tools necessary to market your homes or communities. Or, ask for help from our team of digital marketing experts at
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Websites & Digital Marketing Home Builder Software Solutions

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